Top 3 Microsoft Teams updates

Microsoft Teams users have grown by 70% in recent months to 75 million active users worldwide. Teams are constantly adding new features to enhance their app and make meetings more collaborative. We will cover our top 3 recent updates.

Making Calls via Teams

Making calls to phone numbers via video meetings is often missing from video conferencing apps, Teams have introduced this very handy update.

Phone calling via Teams is a phone system built into the Microsoft Teams app. This call function can be carried out over direct routing. The new feature allows you to port your business phone numbers into the Teams applications and make and receive calls from the app.

Teams phone call feature offers call queues, call history, hunt groups, voicemail, video calls, and meetings. You will be able to enjoy a professional call experience while working remotely or at the office.

You can call and answer calls from anywhere in Teams and switch between devices.

Did you know you can route your calls through Microsoft's network? With the help of Teams calling plans, businesses can easily communicate with one another both domestically and abroad.

Teams Polls

Microsoft Teams is now better connected with Microsoft Forms. The “Forms” app within Teams is being replaced with a new app named “Polls”.

It is now much easier for people to find and add polls to their chats and meetings. You can find the “Polls” app when searching in the Teams app store (via the sidebar or top nav bar in the meeting).



There are new UI improvements to the poll suggestions pane, including the ability reposition the list of polls, provide

  • Re-position the list of suggested polls from the bottom to the side pane
  • Re-position the list of suggested polls from the bottom to the side pane
  • Provide the poll results view (previously, it only showed the voting view), which allows the poll creator to preview the poll's look to the meeting audience after it’s launched
  • You now view your recently created polls to re-use your past polls in a new meeting, saving you time!
  • A new poll animation appears after attendees have entered a response, this provides confirmation the vote has been captured. 
  • There is also an option to rate the Poll to provide feedback.
  • The poll results view has been improved and its now much easier to read

LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn profiles are now integrated with Teams, to connect directly and build deeper relationships with your network. From Teams chat, channels, calls, or meetings, you will now be able to view your colleague’s LinkedIn profile, including their current role, past experiences, and other insights. Learn how to make the most of your LinkedIn integration.

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Image credit Microsoft tech connections